The essential guide to wineries and wine producers

of Stellenbosch and the Helderberg

South Africa is now producing more than 7,000 wine brands,

from more than 580 wine cellars, with new brands and cellars emerging weekly.

The heart of the South African wine industry is Stellenbosch and more than 200

wineries and wine producers surround the beautiful town.

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Each wine tasted is given a score out of 100. The score is made up of key elements, such as colour, aromas and taste. Wines are assessed as objectively as possible, based on years of experience, judging and academic foundation.

There are several methods of scoring wines, but I have chosen the 100 point system as it is recognised worldwide and gives a clear picture of the quality of the wine.

Each wine tasted is given a score out of 100.  The score is made up of key elements, such as colour (clarity and depth), aromas (condition, intensity, complexity) and taste (condition, balance, complexity, intensity, length). Wines which are faulty do not get scored. As wines develop over time, any changes to scores necessitated by later tastings are made when possible.

Scores equate to the following South African Show Competition medals:

Below 84 points – Everyday, enjoyable, well made and pleasant  if undemanding wines, ready for drinking immediately.

85 – 89 pts – Bronze Medal. A step up from everyday wines, offering more depth and character.

90 – 92 pts – Silver Medal, very good wines of real intensity and personality, with quality and complexity and offering years of evolving pleasure.

93 – 95 pts – Gold Medal, World class, impeccable, delicious and outstanding, and made in very good vintages with particular care.

96+ pts – Trophy Winner at least, exceptional, icon wines, as close to perfect as is possible, a truly wonderful and rare experience.

Also included in the Review is a guide price that you might expect to pay for the wine. Prices are in Rands.

R – expect to pay up to R100 for this wine

RR – expect to pay under R200

RRR – expect to pay between R200 and R400

RRRR – expect to pay more than R400

It is wrong to think that South African wines cannot keep, many improve over the years and some will keep for decades, provided they are kept in reasonable conditions.

The Stellenbosch Wine Review gives a recommended drinking range for each wine. These ranges are based on winemaker’s opinion and comment and my assessment of the wine and the vintage.

Green highlight = optimum drinking period

Red highlight = wine may be past its best

These are estimates, of course, but serve to show when that wine will be at its peak, and whether you can expect that old, dusty bottle discovered at the back of the cupboard to still give any pleasure.  To make identification easier, those highlighted in red should be drunk immediately if it is not already too late, and those highlighted in green are drinking now, or are not ready yet and may have long lives ahead of them.

Discontinued Wines

The Review includes many wines which have become discontinued. This unique feature recognizes that those wines may still be available and that many may still have them at home. Such wines may be past their best (indicated by red colouring) but many will still be enjoyable and because of this they are included.

Wine Articles

The Stellenbosch Wine Review allows you access to all related articles written by me about the wine industry, wine people and wine places around Stellenbosch and published on

Top Wine Producers and Top Wines

The Stellenbosch Wine Review is constantly updated, with wines being added weekly and scores are correlated to reveal the Top Stellenbosch Wine Producer, the Top Wines and the Top Good Value Wines. Refer to those pages to see the scoring method.

Latest news

Edgebaston go to third place in Top Stellenbosch Wine Producer list

Kanonkop enter at fourth in Top Stellenbosch Wine Producers

Article: 25 years of Stellenbosch wine, with Ken Forrester

Kleine Zalze named best New World Producer at the Sommelier Wine Awards (SWA)

Article:  Changes to the Cape Vintner Classification in the continued pursuit of excellence.

Boschkloof race to second in 2019 Top Producer stakes

Article: Deux Frères: two brothers with a singular approach

Deux Freres leads the 2019 Top Stellenbosch Wine Producer

Top Wine Producer 2018:  Longridge

Runners Up 2018: Raats, Boschkloof, Annandale, Kanonkop

Latest Wines Reviewed

DeMorgenzon The Divas Chenin Blanc scores 96points

The wines of; Nico van der Merwe, Bein and Asara

Edgebaston Camino Africana Cabernet Franc scores 95 points and the Chenin Blanc 94 points

Beyerkloof Diesel Pinotage 2016 scores 96pts and enters Top 25 Wines

Boschkloof Epilogue 2017 scores 97 points & is 2nd in 2019 Top Producer

Deux Freres Liberte 2015 scores 96 points, and their Cabernet Sauvignon 95 points

Incredible Kottabos Grenache/Syrah hits 95 points from Boschkloof

Kanonkop Black Label Pinotage 2017 scores 95 pts

Top Red Wine 2018: Raats Eden HD SV Cabernet Franc 2015

Runners Up 2018: The High Road Director’s Reserve 2013, Spier Frans Smit 2012, Kanonkop Black Label Pinotage 2016

Top White Wine 2018: Longridge Clos du Ciel Chardonnay 2016

Runners Up 2018: Longridge Ou Steen Chenin Blanc 2015, Mulderbosch S2 Block Chenin Blanc 2017, Lanzerac Mrs English Chardonnay 2016